Landmark Theaters

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of films do you play?
How can I purchase tickets on your website?
When are the show times available on the website?
Why am I discouraged from purchasing seats designated for companions of individuals using wheelchairs?
I bought my tickets online and I have my confirmation email, now what?
What is your age break for senior citizens?
Do you have equipment to assist the hard of hearing?
How do I get a hard of hearing device?
How can I get a refund?
What is your holiday pricing policy?
What are your hours of operation?
Why aren’t the direct phone lines to the theatre available anywhere?
Can you tell me if a specific film will play at my favorite Landmark Theatre?
Why can’t you tell me how long a film will play at your theatre?
Why did the movie I wanted to see leave after only a week or two?
Why are there so many films with subtitles?
What kinds of foods do you offer?
Will my Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card grant me free admission to your theatre?
Is there free parking?
Is it possible to rent a theatre and if so who do I contact?
How do I purchase a Discount Card?
What do the film ratings mean and who can be admitted to these films?