Landmark Theaters

About us

At Landmark Theatres we are Movies and more! We are focused on enhancing your escape through the diversity of our curated content: Films, Music, Sports, Gaming, Live Events, Streaming, etc. Landmark is known for historic theatres as well as those with neighborhood charm and contemporary locations with all the latest amenities.  

We offer all the regular movie concession fare you expect, as well as beer, wine and other spirits at many locations. We are also focused on bringing you state-of-the-art presentation and a safe environment for you to experience it.

Going out is a social, interactive experience, and each Landmark Theatre is part of your local community. We interact and engage with our guests, but most of all we, listen.

In a DeLorean?
We miss you

Landmark Theatres was added to the Cohen Media Group in 2018. Formed in 2008 by Charles S. Cohen, an executive producer of the Academy Award-nominated Frozen River, the Cohen Media Group (CMG) is an independent theatrical exhibition, distribution and production company with over eight Academy Award nominations and a Best Foreign Language film win for The Salesman. CMG releases the world's best in contemporary and classic cinema.