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Landmarks 50th Special Programming
Retro Replay: New Hollywood - April 2024
Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 12:00 AM

Retro Replay: New Hollywood - April 2024

Retro Replay, our weekly series of modern and vintage film favorites, features films so satisfying we’re reviving them on the big screen to enjoy again—or to see for the first time! Each month’s thematic program offers a new film on Tuesdays! 

For 2024, Landmark Theatres' 50th Anniversary, join us in April for:

New Hollywood

4/2: SERPICO (1973) A film by Sidney Lumet!
4/9: TAXI DRIVER (1976) A film by Martin Scorsese!
4/16: SORCERER (1977) A film by William Friedkin!
4/23: THE DEER HUNTER (1978) A film by Michael Cimino!
4/30: BLOW OUT (1981) A film by Brian DePalma!