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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter

White Snake

by directors Amp Wong and Ji Zhao

Greetings from Light Chaser Studios. As co-directors of White Snake, we’re so delighted that you might be seeing our film quite soon in Landmark Theatres all over major cities in the U.S. You will not be disappointed.

The folklore of White Snake has been a household love story in China for hundreds of years. Generations, including the two of us, grew up listening to the story and watching TV dramas and films about White Snake. Four years ago, we decided to make an animated film about White Snake with a new story, a prequel to the original one. We made it and for both of us, it’s our debut as co-directors. On January 11, 2019, this film was released in China and 15 million people came to theaters. The audiences loved our film with top ratings and overwhelming acclaim—some fans even followed us around China during our promotional roadshows, giving us the illusion that we became movie stars… On social media, we incidentally found a young lady who went to see White Snake for 39 times within four weeks.

We made a good film. All the people in our studio, a team of 200 colleagues with an average age below 30, were so happy and inspired, after three years of hard work in the creation of this film.

What did we want to bring to audiences with this film? First and foremost, it’s why the White Snake story has been such a touching story for hundreds of years—love. Love is an eternal theme throughout human history; again, we hope to tell an ancient fantasy story about love while people living in 2019 would still be touched and provoked about what true love means…

Secondly, as filmmakers from China, we aimed to bring the Chinese artistic style into CG animation. We believe you will notice our intention and efforts apparently from the film trailer or five minutes into the full film.

Lastly, we would like to share with you that we started working on the sequel to White Snake a year ago. We do hope to remind you of this again when you’re walking out of the theater, alone or with your beloved, after watching White Snake.

We thank you so much for your time and interest in White Snake. We’re looking forward to hearing your comments about this film. It’s our film and now your film.

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