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2 hrs, 6 mins
Robert Redford, David Strathairn, Ben Kingsley, Dan Aykroyd, Sidney Poitier, Ben Kingsley , River Phoenix, Mary McDonnell
Phil Alden Robinson

TICKETS / Washington D.C. / West End Cinema

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Robert Redford leads an all-star cast in Sneakers, one of the most satisfying cryptography thrillers ever embedded with espionage and betrayal. Computer expert Martin Bishop (Redford) heads a team of renegade hackers including a former CIA employee (Sidney Poitier), a gadgets wizard (Dan Aykroyd), a young genius (River Phoenix) and a blind soundman (David Strathairn), who are routinely hired to test security systems. When government agents blackmail the "sneakers" into carrying out a covert mission of tracking down a top-secret black box, Bishop's team find themselves embroiled in a dangerous operation. Along with his former girlfriend (Mary McDonnell), they make a stunning discovery—the device has the capability to decode all existing encryption systems around the world. With factions from all sides willing to murder for the box, Bishop and his team embark on their most dangerous assignment ever in this exhilarating high-tech caper directed by Phil Alden Robinson (Field of Dreams). Also starring Ben Kingsley.

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