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2 hrs, 15 mins
Tuva Novotny, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Jesper Christensen, Karl Markovics, Arthur Hakalahti
Erik Poppe

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Inspiring and engrossing, The King’s Choice is based on the true story of three dramatic days in April 1940, when the Nazis invade neutral Norway, claiming that they are saving the country (with its valuable iron ore and strategic ports) from takeover by the British. The German envoy (Karl Markovics, The Counterfeiters) tries to negotiate a last-minute face-saving agreement to avoid bloodshed, but his master Adolf Hitler insists that it be signed by Norway’s king, even though he is officially only a figurehead. King Haakon (powerfully played by Jesper Christensen, Spectre) is faced with an impossible choice: agree to surrender his country and be thought a traitor, or refuse and cause the loss of thousands of lives. The king and his son Crown Prince Olav (Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Kon-Tiki) say a heartbreaking farewell to Crown Princess Märtha (Tuva Novotny, A War) and their children, sent to refuge in Sweden, and remain to face the Nazis. The King’s Choice exemplifies the bravery of men standing against tyranny in an historic epic shedding light on a pivotal, and often unremarked, moment in history. (Fully subtitled)

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