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1 hrs, 22 mins
Adam Sorensen, Victoria Sorensen
Jason Maris, Danielle Bernstein

TICKETS / Washington D.C. / E Street Cinema

Coming Soon

Homemade is a cinematic and intimate six-year journey about a marriage, invisible wounds and the effects of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and addiction. Weaving between the monumental landscapes of Utah, Washington DC landmarks, cinéma vérité scenes and recorded phone calls, this documentary bears witness to the lives of US Marine Adam Sorensen and his wife Victoria as they navigate life after combat. Through the experiences of Adam, Victoria, and their families, Homemade examines our cultural markers of success, the culture of treating symptoms instead of cause, and the disconnect between medical care and true wellness. Themes addressed include continuity of care, the epidemic of over-prescription in both military and civilian care, and the stereotypes of injured combat veterans. Homemade aims to close the empathy gap between civilian and military communities, start productive dialogues about the challenge of transition from active duty military to retired, and to provide audiences with an abundance of tools in order to take action.

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