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1 hrs, 54 mins
Bruce Dern, Jon Hamm, Ellen Burstyn, Catherine Keener, Chris Marquette, Nick Offerman, Patton Oswalt, John Ortiz, Annalise Basso, James Le Gros, Amber Tamblyn, Mikey Madison, Jennifer Mudge
Mark Pellington

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A mosaic of stories about love and loss, Nostalgia explores our relationships to the objects, artifacts and memories that shape our lives. A film of rare insight and sensitivity, filled with characters as real and recognizable as your friends and neighbors, it’s a profoundly moving drama about our collective need to find meaning in these objects we hold so dear. All-star cast includes Jon Hamm, Ellen Burstyn, Catherine Keener, Bruce Dern, John Ortiz, Nick Offerman, James Le Gros, Amber Tamblyn, Annalise Basso, Mikey Madison, Jennifer Mudge, Patton Oswalt and Chris Marquette. Directed by Mark Pellington (The Last Word, Arlington Road).

Landmark Presents an Exclusive Filmmaker Letter from director Mark Pellington

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