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Info: Guild 45th Theatre

2115 North 45th in the Wallingford neighborhood
(206) 547-2127

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INFO: 2 Screens DLP Digital Projection and Sound. Built in 1919. Operated by Landmark since 1989. Located in the Wallingford neighborhood, the Guild 45th Theatre is situated just west of Seattle's University District. Originally named the Paramount Theatre in the 1920s, it later changed its moniker when a movie palace downtown laid claim to the same name. In 1980, the Guild launched The Stunt Man, starring Peter O'Toole and Barbara Hershey, into national prominence with a record-breaking 43 week run. Francis Ford Coppola has often chosen the Guild for test audience screenings.

A second detached auditorium, the Guild 45th II opened in 1983, two doors down, with a cozy restaurant between the theatres. This auditorium has comfy, stadium-style seating, perfect sight lines and a wall-to-wall screen, and is often voted a favorite amongst Seattle moviegoers. Both Guild I and II feature Dolby Digital EX sound.

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Beer & Wine Now Available! You can now purchase beer and wine at the Guild 45th Theatre concession stand. Remember, our beers and wines can be brought into the auditorium to enjoy while your film is being shown.

PARKING: Available on surrounding neighborhood streets and in nearby pay lots.