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SHOWTIMES FOR:  San Francisco
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1 hrs, 57 mins
Paul Hamy, João Pedro Rodrigues, Xelo Cagiao, Han Wen, Chan Suan, Juliane Elting
João Pedro Rodrigues

TICKETS / San Francisco / Opera Plaza Cinema

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Fernando (Paul Hamy), a handsome solitary ornithologist looking for endangered black storks along a remote river in northern Portugal, is swept away by the rapids. He is rescued by two Chinese pilgrim girls on their way to Santiago de Compostela, but they prove too possessive, so he must escape from them, venturing deeper into the wilderness. His journey turns into a Homeric spiritual quest, taking him on a path that comes to resemble the adventures of St. Anthony, driven to extreme, transformative actions. On his strange odyssey Fernando encounters demonic animistic folk marauding at night, bare-breasted equestrian Amazons speaking Latin, and a handsome deaf-mute shepherd named Jesus. In the end Fernando becomes a different man: inspired, multifaceted, and finally enlightened. A mind-blowing, mysterious, mesmerizing and surreal film, filled with beautiful visions, transgressive eroticism and unexpected humor. Directed and co-written by João Pedro Rodrigues (O Fantasma, Two Drifters). (Partially subtitled)

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