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Info: GIFT

1 hrs, 30 mins
Robin McKenna

TICKETS / San Francisco / Opera Plaza Cinema

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Inspired by Lewis Hyde’s beloved classic The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, this richly cinematic film interweaves multiple character‐driven stories. On the Pacific Northwest Coast, a young Indigenous artist and carver follows a family tradition, undertaking the elaborate preparations for a potlatch, to make a name for himself by giving everything away. In Rome a derelict sausage factory occupied by migrant families is transformed into a living museum, protected by a barricade of art: a model of resistance, and an invaluable gift. In the pirate utopia of Burning Man, a mutant bumblebee art car distributes mead in a post-­apocalyptic desert landscape. Meanwhile, in Auckland, New Zealand, artist Lee Mingwei prepares to launch Sonic Blossom—a “transformative gift” of song. Gift is a tribute to something that can’t be measured or counted, bought or sold. Exploring the parallels between artists’ work and a gift economy, it’s a reflection on the creative process, the reasons we “labor in service of our gifts,” and a celebration of the imagination. (Partially subtitled)

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