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1 hrs, 37 mins
Paul Rudd, Wallace Shawn, Dan Hedaya, Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, Donald Faison, Elisa Donovan, Breckin Meyer, Jeremy Sisto, Twink Caplan, Justin Walker, Julie Brown
Amy Heckerling

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It's not easy being the most popular and glamorous girl at Beverly Hills High. Especially when you're the envy of scheming Betties (female babes), persistent Barney's (unattractive guys) and teachers who go postal (freak out) when you turn your homework in late! Yet somehow 15-year-old Cher (Alicia Silverstone) keeps it all together, even finding time for extracurricular projects like finding a love match for her debate class teacher (Wallace Shawn), and giving a dowdy friend (Brittany Murphy) a fashion makeover. But Cher's tidy world starts to unravel with the sudden appearance of two total Baldwins (hunks): a sexy and stylish new classmate (Justin Walker), and Cher's square but cute "ex-stepbrother" (Paul Rudd). Now Cher is about to learn that when it comes to love, she's... well, Clueless. Written and directed by Amy Heckerling (director of Fast Times at Ridgemont High). 

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