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SHOWTIMES FOR:  San Francisco East Bay
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1 hrs, 32 mins
Alec Atkins, Malcolm Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins, Alan Sacks
Luke Meyer

TICKETS / San Francisco East Bay / Shattuck Cinemas

Coming Soon

Breaking a Monster chronicles the break-out year of the band Unlocking the Truth and its amazingly talented 12- and 13-year-old members Alec Atkins, Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins, friends from Brooklyn. Playing an energetic blend of heavy metal and speed punk (contrary to the stereotype that African-Americans don’t play hard rock), the youngsters often draw substantial crowds in Times Square. After an audience member records them performing and uploads the video to YouTube, they become an internet sensation, and their meteoric rise to fame begins. Acquiring a grandfatherly manager, Alan Sacks, a 70-year-old industry veteran who previously managed the Jonas Brothers, they are soon performing to acclaim at Coachella, and sign a rich 5-record deal with Sony—all while barely teenagers. Questions about the balance of art and commerce, perceptions of race and definitions of childhood all emerge on the band's tumultuous journey. What makes the film special are the boys: smart, cute, savvy and charming—they know exactly what they want to achieve. An honest and heartwarming portrait that makes you smile.

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