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1 hrs, 45 mins
Ulrich Tukur, Denis Moschitto, Diane Kruger, Johannes Krisch, Hanna Hilsdorf, Samia Chancrin, Numan Acar, Ulrich Brandhoff
Fatih Akin

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Celebrated filmmaker Fatih Akin (Head-On, The Edge of Heaven) returns with In the Fade, a gritty thriller set in contemporary Hamburg. Diane Kruger, winner of the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival for her riveting performance, stars as Katja, a grief-stricken woman who takes revenge for the death of her son and husband in a Neo-Nazi terrorist bombing. Tattooed, street-smart Katja, her ex-con Kurdish-German husband Nuri, and their young bespectacled violin-playing son Rocco might seem at first glance like an atypical family, but in a few short scenes we come to understand the messy and beautiful reality of their life. So when sudden tragedy strikes in the form of a bombing, the impact is all the more profound. Katja now finds herself alone, facing grief and menacing probing from authorities and family alike. Kruger (Inglourious Basterds, Unknown, Farewell, My Queen) delivers a fearless, gut-wrenching performance in Germany’s official selection for Best Foreign Language Film consideration at the 90th Academy Awards. Winner, Golden Globe, Best Foreign Language Film. (Fully subtitled)

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