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2 hrs, 2 mins
Juliette Binoche, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Fabrice Luchini, Jean-Luc Vincent, Brandon Lavieville, Raph, Didier Després, Cyril Rigaux, Laura Dupré
Bruno Dumont

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Summer, 1910 at the remote and scenic beach town of Slack Bay. High on a hill towers the mansion of the rich, eccentric and inbred Van Peteghem family, visiting for their summer holiday, hilariously portrayed by Juliette Binoche, Fabrice Luchini and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. Low on the muddy beach the ragged Brufort family of fishermen eke out a living carrying tourists across the stream, either by boat or in their arms if the tide is low. Enter a pair of bumbling police inspectors investigating a series of mysterious disappearances. As the macabre mysteries mount and love blossoms between the family’s genderqueer teen and the eldest Brufort boy, Binoche and company ratchet the slapstick up to eleven. Both a savage black satire on class conflict and an outrageous madcap farce, Slack Bay is an astonishing film from director Bruno Dumont (Humanité, The Life of Jesus), who cites Peter Sellers, Monty Python and Laurel and Hardy as cinematic influences. Nominated for 9 César Awards, including Best Film, Director, Actor (Luchini) and Supporting Actress (Tedeschi). (Fully subtitled)

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