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1 hrs, 53 mins
Mia Wasikowska, Robert Pattinson, Robert Forster, David Zellner, Nathan Zellner
David Zellner, Nathan Zellner

TICKETS / Philadelphia / Ritz at the Bourse

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Samuel Alabaster (Robert Pattinson, Good Time, The Lost City of Z), a dapper, well-to-do pioneer, is undertaking a journey across the American Frontier to marry the love of his life, Penelope (Mia Wasikowska, Alice in Wonderland, Crimson Peak, Stoker). Samuel has brought an adorable miniature horse named Butterscotch as a wedding present, and he hires a drunkard who calls himself Parson Henry (David Zellner) to accompany him and officiate at the ceremony. But it turns out that Samuel has not been completely open about his plans, and the once-simple journey grows treacherous and far more complicated, blurring the lines between hero, villain and damsel. A loving reinvention of the western genre that simultaneously honors and hilariously subverts its conventions, the new film from brothers David and Nathan Zellner (Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter) showcases their trademark unpredictability, off-kilter sense of humor, and unique brand of humanism. With Robert Forster.

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