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Next Generation Short Tiger 2017 – Collection of 11 Short films

AYNY • Short Synopsis: A cruel war has taken two brothers home, where their mother protects them and fosters the seed of their new life, anxious her sons could come into danger if they leave the house. But the boys chase their dream to play a musical instrument with which they’ve fallen in love: a beautiful Oud. As they collect scrap metal to earn money, they soon find out that their mother’s fears were well founded. But as strong birds will always fly, the two boys become one to overcome their trauma. • Director: Ahmad Saleh

The Blood We Saw • Short Synopsis: How does time pass—waiting, hoping, fearing—after a long escape, in search of a little piece of future? A “container village” for refugees at the borders of town. A transit space where everyday life merges with memories and pictures of the past. THE BLOOD WE SAW explores this life in a state of uncertainty and offers a notion of how people there might feel. People who left everything behind and still cannot forget anything of what they’ve lived through. • Director: Josephine Links

Close • Short Synopsis: During a dance rehearsal, Jonas receives the instruction to kiss his dance partner and secret crush Mira. He is so busy hiding his insecurities, that he doesn’t even notice how similarly Mira experiences the situation. A story full of misunderstandings, told through two perspectives. • Director: Lisa Reich • Cast: Andrej Agranovski, Emma Drogunova, and Diana Marie Müller

Etage X • Short Synopsis: An accidental meeting in an elevator at a department store leads two older women to their limits and forces them to improvise when the elevator gets stuck. • Director: Francy Fabritz • Cast: Eva Medusa Gühne, Morgana Muses

Mr. and Mrs. Müller • Short Synopsis: Mr. and Mrs. Müller have been together for 45 years. Although Mr. Müller is a quadriplegic who lost his ability to speak and move almost 18 years ago, he and his wife have not lost their enthusiasm for talking to each other. They have lively discussions through blinking, proving that true lovers always find a common language. • Director: Dominique Klein • Cast: Gudrun Müller, Günter Müller

Duologue • Short Synopsis: Germany, fall of 2015. A never-ending flow of arrivals, news, emotions, fears, images. And us? Somewhere in between. The German Angst of the unknown—a reluctant dialogue. • Director: Sophie Linnenbaum • Cast: Ahmed Shah, Zeljko Marovic, Samee Ullah

Moon Journey • Short Synopsis: The heartbreaking story of a father who must flee with his daughter from the war in Syria. To protect her from the traumatic events of the dangerous journey, he starts playing a game to make her believe they are traveling to the moon… • Director: Chiara Grabmayr • Cast: Chiara Ametovic, Timur Isik

Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon • Short Synopsis: The feeding habits of the common chameleon as never seen before. • Director: Tomer Eshed • Cast: John Berwick

The Santa Maria • Short Synopsis: A man who receives a treasure map by accident is now looking for the treasure. Whilst searching, he has to deal with gangsters, a devious widow, a corrupt policeman and a pretty policewoman—no, she doesn’t matter. • Director: Erik Schmitt • Cast: Florian Busch, Maxim Mehmet, and Marleen Lohse

Shine • Short Synopsis: Two male, glowing creatures start a fight over trying to impress a female. Each one of them wants to win her over by giving a better light show than his competitor. They are on fire... until one gets burned! • Director: Alexander Dietrich • Cast: Ferdinand Engländer

Change • Short Synopsis: As usual, Elsa spends her afternoons at her father’s strip club. Tired from work and annoyed by his daughter, he sends her to the club upstairs to collect change. Waiting turns into boredom until an unexpected encounter changes the relationship between Elsa and her father. • Director: Annika Pinske • Cast: Emma Frieda Brüggler, Dirk Borchardt, Tim Kalkhof

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