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Info: RATS

1 hrs, 26 mins
Morgan Spurlock
Morgan Spurlock

TICKETS / New York City / Sunshine Cinema

Coming Soon

Inspired by Robert Sullivan’s New York Times bestselling book, the Discovery Documentary Film Rats goes deep beneath the surface to explore the lives of man’s greatest parasite. Oscar-nominated director Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) unveils a new form of documentary horror storytelling, journeying around the world to bring viewers face to face with rats while delving into our complicated relationship with these creepy creatures. Taking us into the Rattus nests in ways never before captured on film, Rats dives deep into New York City’s parks, subway tunnels and sewers; venture to rice paddies in Cambodia and Vietnam where rats are caught and sold as food; cross worldly streets in India paroled by the revered Night Rat Killers; journey to the English countryside where packs of terriers kill hundreds of rats per day; and look inside a New Orleans lab, where scientists are studying how flooding and abandoned neighborhoods are making rats more invasive than ever.