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1 hrs, 33 mins
Patricia Arquette, Rainn Wilson, Kira McLean, Mike Green, Nena Daniels, Aiden Fiske
Colette Burson

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Bad hair day? Nope! More like a bad hair life. The new comedy Permanent is set in 1982 in small town Virginia, where “perms” are all the rage. 13-year-old Aurelie Dickson (Kira McLean) dreams about getting one to finally fit in at her new school, but when her clueless parents Jeanne and Jim (Patricia Arquette and Rainn Wilson) bring her to a hairdressing academy to save a few bucks, things go incredibly wrong. In this hilariously awkward and unique telling full of wit and wisdom, the Dicksons are struggling through major life changes together, all the while trying desperately to emerge intact on the other side. For the Dicksons family, just getting through the day is a win. Written and directed by Colette Burson.