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1 hrs, 22 mins
Buddy Guy, Common (narrator), Gary Clark Jr., Valerie June, Lucinda Williams, Tom Martin, Taylor Branch, Peter Guralnick, Peniel E. Joseph, Greg Tate, Amanda Petrusich, Robert Moses, Ed Denson, Dick Waterman, Dave Dennis, Phil Spiro
Samuel D. Pollard

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In June of 1964 hundreds of idealistic college students, eager to join the civil rights movement, traveled to Mississippi in what would become known as Freedom Summer. That same month, two groups of young men—musicians, college students and record collectors—also traveled to Mississippi. Though unaware of each other, they had come, separately, on the same errand: to find a legendary old blues singer and coax him out of retirement. Thirty years before, Son House and Skip James had recorded some of the most memorable music of their era, but no one had heard from them in decades and their whereabouts, and even their continuing existence, was unknown. In Mississippi the blues seekers encountered the tense and violent atmosphere that surrounded the civil rights campaign. Finally, on June 21, 1964, these two campaigns collided in memorable and tragic fashion. Two Trains Runnin’ not only pays tribute to a pioneering generation of musicians, it offers a crucial vantage from which to view the evolving dynamics of race in America. Narrated by Common. Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Samuel D. Pollard (co-producer of 4 Little Girls, “Eyes on the Prize”). 

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