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Info: ABBY

1 hrs, 29 mins
Terry Carter, Austin Stoker, William Marshall, Juanita Moore, Carol Speed
William Girdler

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A priest (Blacula's William Marshall) accidentally unleashes a horny demonic spirit in Africa that takes possession of his lovely and proper daughter-in-law Abby (Carol Speed, The Mack) when she and her husband move into a new house, turning her into a groin-kicking, goo-spewing, sex-addicted spawn of the devil.  The righteous attempt to exorcise Abby’s demon, leading to knife violence, monsters in the bathtub and demon nightclub sex climaxing with explosions.  Directed and co-written by schlockmeister William Girdler (Sheba, Baby and The Manitou), who effectively combines “blaxploitation” with an intriguing strand of ancient African spiritualism into an entertainingly chilling mix.  The film was suppressed soon after its release in 1974 and has been rarely seen; here’s your chance to see this outlaw classic!

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