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1 hrs, 16 mins
Anton Yelchin, Lucie Lucas, Paulo Calatré, Françoise Lebrun
Gabe Klinger

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Jake (Anton Yelchin) and Mati (Lucie Lucas) are two loner expats who experience a brief but intimate connection in the beautiful and ancient Portuguese coastal city of Porto. He's an American drifter exiled from his family. She’s an archaeology student from France embroiled in an affair with one of her professors. After spotting each other from a distance at an archeological site and then again at a train station and a café, Jake works up the courage to approach Mati, and they embark on a night of carefree intimacy. This romantic encounter is viewed from years later, both characters still haunted by the powerful connection they shared. Using a mix of film stocks and art direction that evokes a bygone era of European cinema, Porto creates an emotional state of nostalgic longing for lost love. Romantic, elegiac and bittersweet, Porto is a mood piece that weaves a spell, built around a memorable performance by Yelchin. Executive produced by Jim Jarmusch; directed and co-written in his fictional debut by former film critic Gabe Klinger.