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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter

The Truffle Hunters

by directors Michael Dweck & Gregory Kershaw

We stumbled on the world of The Truffle Hunters by chance. We had been traveling in the Piedmont region of Italy when we heard whispers of the truffle hunters, a secret society of old men who traveled the region’s hidden forests by night. They are guided by ancient knowledge and their beloved dogs on the hunt for the world’s rarest and most coveted ingredient, the white truffle, a delicate fungus that blooms underground. A secret that only they can unravel.

As we started making the film, we entered into a community that seemed more like a fairytale than reality. The truffle hunters we met were old in years, most in their seventies and eighties, yet they moved through the world like young men. Their lives were bursting with joy and bubbling with mirth. They live close to the land, guided by tradition. Time seems to have stopped in the days of their youth. Digital technology and globalism have not yet upset the rhythm of life. The natural world is an inescapable fact of their daily lives. They were connected, yet in a very different way than we have come to understand in the modern world.

We premiered the film in a packed theater at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, and at that time, we had no idea how much the world would change. In just a few short months. The global pandemic quickly changed so much about how we all lived and pushed our technology-obsessed world into an even more profound disconnect from nature and each other.

That is why we are so thrilled to be sharing The Truffle Hunters with you at Landmark Theatres. For us, returning to theaters is a chance to come together and engage in the communal act of watching a film. We hope that The Truffle Hunters transports you into the magic of the world that we were privileged to witness and lifts you with the joy that we felt while making it. And perhaps, as we take our first steps back into the world, it can provide us a glimpse into the potential of a future built on the connections that allow all human life to reach its full potential.

Posted March 23, 2021

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