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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter

Together Together

by writer/director Nikole Beckwith

I started work on Together Together out of the same impulse that compels me to cultivate anything: curiosity. Drawn to the idea of strangers coming together in such intimate and complicated circumstances, wondering what it might mean for them individually, what might grow between them, and the ways they would be changed by it. And as I wrote my way through those questions, I found myself further propelled by an appetite for certain things lacking in our general story landscape: the value of impermanence in a world obsessed with “forever,” falling in platonic love in a culture that holds romantic love as the prize we are all lost without, and the value of friendship in a deep library of films that romantically pair older men with younger women like it’s their job. And in a time when the way we make families is ever-expanding, I wanted to acknowledge the male biological clock in the perpetual zeitgeist of our obsession with women being ruled by theirs. In Together Together we reach for more, a little light shone on the less expressed corners of these ideas, proving that maybe they don’t belong in the corner at all.

It is a story I needed to hear and a relationship I needed to see, which I was lucky to bring to life with so many people I admire, in front of and behind the camera. We shot the bulk of this film in 17 days and I think we all take great pride in how surprising that is to most. Just as the film is about doing things differently, finding an alternate route to your ultimate destination no matter how uncomfortable that might feel at first, a story that holds close the appreciation of vulnerability and being present, that celebrates connection—we brought the film to life the same way; finding whatever alternate (time saving, resource preserving) way to get what we needed to get, embracing the vulnerability of that need as much as we rose to the occasion of answering it. We were present and patient with each other, we listened and took care of each other the best we could. All of us.

When we started making this film, we had no idea we’d finish it during a global pandemic; siloed, reaching across an expanding divide. I was so grateful for the movie then, reassuring me amidst the uncertainty. And during that time we never imagined Together Together as one of the films ushering us back into theaters and each other’s company. As the name suggests, I think it is a fitting bridge for this transition back to life, back to connection. It is a movie that is funny without jokes, sweet without sap, romantic without sex, and timeless even as it springs from so many modern ideals. And I hope it occupies a place in your heart near the one it holds in mine.



Posted April 13, 2021

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