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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter


by director Garrett Bradley

The first film I made was in high school, centered around the dissolved relationship between my mother and father. This was the beginning of my interest in the complex and dual nature of the truth and also the genesis of my ongoing effort to create unity between ideas and people through cinema.

I am interested in how filmmaking and its collaborative effort can speak to social-economic juxtaposition, human conflict, historical reflection, place-based adventure, and the beauty that is plainly in view. My films are motivated by the prospect of social, cultural, personal and public exchange.

Time is the story of not only 2.3 million Americans, it is also the story of double, if not triple that number who by extension are also serving time with their loved ones, on the outside.

My relationship with Fox and Rob and the entire Richardson family began in the making of my short film, “Alone” (2017). While “Alone” followed a single woman (Aloné Watts) as she struggled with her partner's sudden incarceration, overnight single motherhood and the choice to marry her partner without clarity on his final sentence, Time extends the dialogue around mass incarceration, the systematic and historical separation of Black families and its effects on modern love.

While the facts are critical to moving our society forward in a more just direction, it is also the less tangible, the more abstract elements of life, the things which are felt, the things which are both lost and gained over time, which also push us into a more compassionate and conscious society.

If there is anything that you may take away from this film, from this moment, from the understanding of our past as a nation and the hope we have for our future, it is that love and unity are powerful forms of resistance.

The Richardsons are both exceptional and universal. Their story is the story of many, and I hope that no matter your background, your politics, your nationality or race, this film may warm your heart and give you the courage to imagine a more just and compassionate future for us all.

Posted October 6, 2020

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