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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter

The Last Word

by director Mark Pellington

The Last Word is a dramatic comedy about mortality, memory and legacy. I have always been interested in these themes, and I had explored it in my music videos and artistic work.

I was initially drawn to the humor and heart of this funny and poignant tale by screenwriter Stuart Ross Fink, and I eagerly dove into the challenge of bringing the film from the page to the movie theater. We assembled a topnotch cast and crew and we have simply set out to entertain with this story of a woman learning life lessons at the sprightly age of 82.

I loved the idea of a woman so determined to control her own life’s story, and I embraced its multi-generational approach and its world view. The film takes you on a journey with a feminine perspective, seeing the world through Harriet’s eyes. I had recently made darker, more personal films about miracles and masculine mid-life crises, and I was looking to make something outside of myself—something character-driven, something lighter and unafraid to entertain.

The movie takes its idea of rewriting your history and brings it to vivid humorous life, and I hope audiences can see themselves and their lives in it.

My goal was to enjoy the process of making a movie, and the end result is one that is fun, witty, touching and genuine. It is simply a big-hearted emotional fable. Regret, memory, misdeeds, anger, joy.... all explored in a light, tender way.

I cherished the newfound ability to mix comedy and drama, to enrich my skills and work with amazing actors like the iconic Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried. I wanted to make a film that allowed actors the space to be themselves. I am proud to be able to present you The Last Word. I hope you enjoy.

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