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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter

Swiss Army Man

by writers/directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert

We don’t care who you are, you are a freak, and in some way or another you are extremely weird deep down, and that weird shit would scare some people if you shared it. Swiss Army Man is a small bit of our weirdness that we have put on display for all to see. To all of you who get a chance to see this film, and get to experience that special catharsis of feeling a little bit less alone in the world, we made this film for you. Relish that feeling, go seek out ways to allow others in on that feeling, and most of all, let your freak flag fly.

The idea for this film washed up on the shores of our brains in a similar manner to how Daniel Radcliffe's body washes ashore in the opening scenes: out of nowhere and to the dismay of those who witnessed its arrival. But similar to the relationship between our main characters, the farting corpse was a hard idea for us to shake. As time passed and other projects came and went, the beautiful image of a desperate man, joyously riding a gas-powered dead body like a jet ski towards freedom returned again and again.

We were of two minds, one half of us knew that the idea was too silly and childish to even warrant an entire film, but the other half of us felt like that was exactly why we had to make it, and had to make it beautiful, almost to spite the cautious sides of ourselves. Over the couple of years that we worked on this story, allowing it to marinate in our subconscious, we opened up ourselves to the body, gave it a name, and ultimately learned that it had much to teach us. We know it sounds crazy. But we hope a part of you believes that a farting corpse has something to offer you too.

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