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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter

Love, Antosha

by director Garret Price

Since finishing Love, Antosha I’ve been asked many times why I decided to make a film about Anton Yelchin’s life, but the honest truth is I didn’t. In a weird way Anton found me to tell his story and thank God he did. Making this film has had as much a profound effect on me as he had on every single person that crossed his path in life. Even though I never had the fortune of meeting Anton personally, he is someone that I related to on multiple levels as I began immersing myself in his story. Whether being an artist, friend or son, he exemplified what it meant to live life to the fullest—not letting a moment pass by without constant exploration, discovery and dedication to his craft.

When I quickly determined his story was one that needed to be told it didn’t take long to realize that the key to all of it was this incredible relationship he had with his parents Irina and Victor Yelchin. Through their love of each other was the framing device that carries us through Anton’s “coming of age” story. What made him such a fascinating person was his openness to not only express himself through his art, but also not shy away from the darker parts of his life. Through our more than 60+ interviews (hardly anyone turned down the opportunity to share their Anton experiences) you could feel the powerful impact this young man had on their lives.

Finally, the absolute most important thing for me was to make sure that this story of Anton was told through his point of view as much as possible. Everything from his handwriting to his music are the building blocks that make up the film and hopefully lend themselves to painting the proper portrait of an artist we may have lost too soon, but lived a life that will inspire all who watch.




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