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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter


by director Garth Davis

Do you believe in miracles? Well, I do…. I have this strange life where serendipity and fate seem to rise to the surface in such compelling ways. People who spend time with me find it quite overwhelming sometimes. Only the other day I was discussing with my producer the need for a choir in a scene we were planning, and at that moment a random group of people walked past, singing—they happened to be a choir. I just smiled—the universe is beautifully obvious. So, it’s no surprise I was drawn to Lion. It’s a miracle of a story—how Saroo, this 5-year-old Indian boy, becomes lost, separated from his family by falling asleep on a train, soon to be adopted to an Australian family and 25 years later finds home by using Google Earth…needle in a haystack. Apparently the resolution of the Google map that revealed his home on that fateful night was only updated days before….

But what I realised, as I spent time with these people and traversed their real worlds, was that the miracle was born from their love. Despite the pain and hardship, they all held this hope and union, and never stopped believing, feeling each other’s calling. Something was running under this story I recognised and understood. I was very excited to try and exude that in the film—in the silences, in the details, in the textural atmospheres, in the performances…allowing the audience to connect with the power they each hold—that we can achieve and overcome so many things through love. I know this sounds romantic, maybe even overly sentimental, but the story really is amazing…and the people it speaks of, even more so. I am humbled to have been in its arms.

I do believe we are more than we imagine, and hopefully the films I make, and the person I try to be, exudes that.

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