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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter

I Do… Until I Don’t

by writer/director/actor Lake Bell

I think Sam Cooke said it best, when he said: "Ye-ah, ye-ah, ye-ah, ye-ah, yeee-ah… yeah."

Everyone on the planet has an opinion about love and commitment. This film, while fully intended to provide a comedic respite from the world’s socio-political climate, is simply my love letter to love. In some respects, I think of this story as the first chapter in my lifelong investigation of marriage and togetherness. I’m starting to realize the key to a healthy, meaningful relationship is to exist within the boundaries of a solid commitment while concurrently accepting that the terms can always change.

The story of the film follows three couples at different stages of their relationships through the jaded lens of a pretentious albeit heartbroken documentarian desperately hoping to debunk matrimony as an archaic institution. While the title advertises a modicum of cynicism, I must give you fair warning that the true message of the film is deeply hopeful and pro-commitment. I even threw in some good ol’ core values in there… and in this era, that’s almost provocative.

So please accept this film as a peaceful offering to relieve any tension you may be harboring from the whirlwind of news or our surreal reality. Regardless of your political views, everyone deserves a chance to grow older and wiser with someone if they’re given the chance.

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