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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter


by co-writer Sven Hansen-Løve

Three years ago, my sister mentioned her new film project for the first time and asked me to collaborate with her. I was very enthusiastic, although I didn’t know yet what direction we were going towards.

She told me she wanted to make a film about our generation and the birth of electronic dance music in France. Knowing I had been a part of that movement—in my own peculiar, unusual way—she thought I could help her with insights and anecdotes, using my memory of all those years and events. Quite frankly, I wasn’t having the best time of my life then. I was struggling to book DJ performances because people were not as responsive to my music anymore. I hadn’t been in a steady relationship for some time. On top of everything else, I was deep in debt, so this project came as a lifetime savior.

We began work on the film in a very natural way. She started to interview me and took endless notes. It was a nice moment for me because it gave me a renewed sense of purpose. Most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to look back at the past at what happened during those years, from the mistakes that I had made to the great moments and the laughs. The experience was also extremely cathartic and helped me deal with my past, so maybe it was the right time.

She started to write a structure followed by a first draft, and that’s when it became cool for me because she asked me to write some particular scenes. It then evolved since she thought I was good at it, so in the end, I ended up writing about half of the script. This put me right back into writing. I had started writing in my 20s, but then I had this devouring passion that fell on me (like a love affair, basically) for House music and Garage, and I became a DJ, more or less putting away my desire to write.  

It was incredibly liberating for me to have this opportunity to work on a serious and structured art project. It’s funny because, in a way, you could say that cinema put me back into literature, helping me quit music. The experience allowed me to rediscover my passion for fiction writing. It’s what I initally wanted to do before my DJ career, but I had to have this experience with Eden first to have that realization. Now, I have published a few short stories in some French and American publications and am currently in the process of writing my first novel.

The film took us a very long time to create because of some financial challenges on the production side. Finally, after two years, many rewriting sessions and with the help of three different producers who almost lost their mind on it, we were finally able to complete the film.

Even though it is inspired by some parts of my life and encounters I’ve had, including the instances with Daft Punk, I had realized that the main protagonist was no longer an extension of myself, but rather became a character in his own right. It’s not myself anymore, it’s Paul from Eden.


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