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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter

The Climb

by actor/director/co-writer Michael Angelo Covino

A few years ago I was on a long bike ride contemplating existence and, among other things, the fact that my ex-girlfriend and my good friend had slept together. I was upset about it. I had no right to be upset, but I was upset all the same. While I thought about the significance we often place on the perceived ownership we have of another person, I couldn’t help but laugh. And out of this came a very simple idea of a story where a best friend reveals this information on a bike ride. 

I made this film because I wanted to explore friendships; broken friendships, messy friendships and friendships that make you question whether those people should still be friends at all. 

The Climb is a love story about friendship. I made it with my co-writer and best friend, Kyle Marvin. It is not autobiographical but I think we both understood the desire to keep someone in your life even when you probably shouldn’t. Sometimes the friends that we grew up with are the only ones we share our most formative memories with, and to let go of them is to let go of a piece of ourselves. 

That all sounds very intense so let me also add that The Climb is a comedy. You are allowed to laugh at it. In fact, we set out with the challenge of finding laughter in sad moments and uncomfortable situations. I’ve always been interested in exploring the messiness of life and relationships. Comedy can help us give context to pain and find catharsis in the bittersweet. 

In making this film, we gave ourselves specific creative limitations in the hope that we would find a fresh way of telling a familiar story. We set out to use cinematic techniques not often applied to comedy. Our mantra throughout was patience and impulsiveness, and we strived to manifest that through our camera, choreography and editing. I made this film with a brilliant cast and crew who elevated it with their talent and passion. I hope you enjoy our film.

Posted November 2, 2020

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