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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter

Censored Voices

by director Mor Loushy

In the past year, with the situation that we have come to in Israel, I feel that it is more crucial than ever to fight for a better future. There seems so little hope for something to change. It seems that our government is not looking for peace, and the question is what is left for us to do about it?

During this past year, I’ve been traveling with Censored Voices all around the world and especially in Israel. We have been screening the film in theaters in Israel, which is very uncommon for documentaries here, as documentary films in Israel usually go straight to TV. I believe that Censored Voices carries an anti-war message and a clear statement regarding our future in Israel: that we must stop this bloody cycle. The way that those young soldiers predicted our future in so many ways, while everybody around them was celebrating the victory of the Great Six Days War, is unbelievable and totally relevant for the present.

I feel that showing this film to the Israeli public is a call to find in ourselves the courage to really listen to those testimonies and make an inner account with ourselves. It is a call to rekindle the hope to end this conflict.

Last month, Censored Voices won the Israeli Academy Award for best documentary of the year. This was a real honor and an acknowledgement that we did reach some hearts and touch some souls. When called on stage at the Award Ceremony, I said that critical films must be made and shown. I said that we must face our past in order to face our future, especially as the conflict that began with the occupation of the territories in '67 is still an ongoing conflict today. And that we must think of a solution for peace, a political solution. We must acknowledge this part of our history. There are no glorious wars and there are no heroic soldiers, and we all pay such an enormous price for this bloody conflict, and this must stop.

We have to live up to the responsibility of ensuring our children a different future.

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