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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter


by voice actor Tom Noonan

My experience is that people are rarely able to experience their lives personally. How could they? With the obligations to their relationships, to their marriages, to their children, to their work. Making a living. Dealing with the constant influx of disturbing events all around them. The din of dire news reports, unceasingly sexualized media of every kind, sensationalized ‘news’ stories becoming the fodder of a senseless competition for our attention every minute of the day and night.

Our job as dramatic artists, in my opinion, is to take our lives personally. And to share that experience with the world: our (hopeful) audiences. But an artist does not ‘decide’ on any of this. Any more than someone can decide to be funny or decide to fall in love or decide to make a great movie. True works of art call the artist to create them. These true works come from beyond the artist. And their function is to remind the viewer of his/her experience of themselves—experiences that are lost in the hubbub of marketplace.

‘Real’ movies (or songs or pictures or dances) have but one function: to remind the audience of who they are ‘underneath’ it all. Remind them of what they are meant to be—remind them of what they are meant to do—engage them in becoming who they are meant to become. That is our ‘job’ in life—to become who we are meant to become.

Maybe Anomalisa is waiting to become one of those experiences.

Who knows? I’m just the voice of everyone else.

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