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Filmmaker Letter

Filmmaker Letter

First Love

by director Takashi Miike

As the director of First Love, I sincerely hope the audience’s brains won’t boil and explode.

No, no, I don’t mean that this a dangerous movie. As the title shows, this is a pure love story, which will never get your heart dirty, but washes it clean. This is true, not a lie. The Japanese are modest and honest, you know. I am an especially honest hard worker and people often ask me why I am working so hard. So, why do I hope your brains won’t boil? You will know when you watch this movie. Please enjoy it with an ice bag on your head.

As I mentioned, I have made many films compared to other film directors. Some of you may not know that much about me, so I will tell you that I became a film director at the age of 30, and for the last 29 years I have made over 100 movies. At the same time, I also directed TV dramas, commercials, stop-motion animation for children, Kabuki which is a Japanese traditional theatrical art, and so on.

I don’t really think about the future ahead of me, I just let myself go with the flow and do my very best at every moment. Therefore, the genres of my works are varied. I have made sex and violence movies and horror films; on the other hand I have also made family fantasies. Some people say I have no principles, but I, who have been making movies without principles, cannot find meaning by focusing on one particular genre. 

I believe that even though the genres may be different, every movie has the same underlying message. It does not matter when, where, by whom or what kind of movies are made, they just show images of people who are struggling to answer the simple question, “What is a human being?”

Movies can be cruel, that is why I don’t want to miss a little sign of hope.

That is me, and my moment is First Love.

First Love will be released all over the U.S.! On top of that, it’s earlier than Japan and the earliest in the world…is that okay?

This story, which happens in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku where there are dens of villains, is about a clash between losers, which results in a pure love. This is also a fantasy movie; the mortality rate of the main characters is 98%.

I hope you become fond of all these foolish characters by watching the film. Oh, and don’t forget the ice bag.

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