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1 hrs, 52 mins
Adel Karam, Camille Salameh, Kamel El Basha
Ziad Doueiri

ADVANCE TICKETS / Denver / Mayan Theatre

Coming Soon

In today’s Beirut, an insult blown out of proportion escalates, resulting in Tony (Adel Karam, Caramel), a Lebanese Christian, and Yasser (Kamel El Basha, Best Actor winner at the 2017 Venice Film Festival), a Palestinian refugee, facing off in court. A media circus quickly begins to grow around the high-profile case, which exacerbates the already-high tensions between the Muslim and Christian groups in Lebanon’s Arab community. Inside the courtroom, the trial begins to move past the specifics of the case as the lawyers delve into the private lives and backgrounds of the combatants. Meanwhile, outside the courtroom, Tony and Yasser struggle with their personal lives and obligations—Tony with his wife Shirine (Rita Hayek) and Yasser with his own, Manal (Christine Choueiri)—as they begin to realize that their skirmish has grown far beyond a matter of pride. Explosively powerful and revealing, The Insult is Lebanon’s official selection for Best Foreign Language Film consideration at the 90th Academy Awards. Directed and co-written by Ziad Doueiri (The Attack, Lila Says). (Fully subtitled)