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Info: HOUSE OF WAX (1953)

HOUSE OF WAX (1953) Trailer
HOUSE OF WAX (1953) (NR)
1 hrs, 28 mins
Vincent Price, Charles Bronson, Phyllis Kirk, Frank Lovejoy, Carolyn Jones, Paul Picerni
André De Toth

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In the wicked performance that crowned him the movie's master of the macabre, Vincent Price plays a renowned wax sculptor plunged into madness when an arsonist destroys his life's work. Unable to use his flame-scarred hands, he devises a new—and murderous—way of restocking his House of Wax. Co-starring Phyllis Kirk, Frank Lovejoy, Carolyn Jones and Charles Bronson. Note: Originally photographed in 3D, our presentation will be the digitally restored 2D version.

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