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Attention Customers:

Due to construction at 399 Binney Street, there will be new traffic and pedestrian changes in the surrounding area of the theatre. Please see below for updated information on how to access the Kendall Square Cinema within the coming weeks. We thank you for your patience and continued patronage while the area is being developed.  Due to the machinery being used in the area renovations. some noise may occur during construction hours.

Binney Street:
- Vehicular access to the theatre will be inaccessible from the West end of Binney Street intersecting Cardinal Medeiros Ave. Barriers installed to create new traffic patterns.
- Two way bicycle traffic and pedestrian walkway on Binney Street are open.
- Access to the Garage for vehicles will remain open from the intersection of Fulkerson St. and Galileo Galelei Way.
- Pedestrian access to the theatre will remain open through the garage lobby.

Cardinal Medeiros Ave:
- Vehicular access to Binney Street will be accessible to one way traffic eastbound from Cardinal Medeiros Ave. beginning March 1.
- Garage vehicular access to seek alternate route and enter from the East end of Binney Street.
- Pedestrian access to the theatre will remain open at either end of Binney Street via the sidewalk adjacent to building 1400 as well as the garage lobby.

Plaza Area:
- Plaza area will be closed to pedestrians meaning cinema patrons will need to enter and exit through the garage.
- The walkway between the Cinema and Building 1700 will be inaccessible while a covered walkway is created.

Parking Garage:
- A yellow stripe will be installed in the garage to lead pedestrians to the front entrance of the cinema.
- Auto operators for the garage entry doors will be installed.