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1 hrs, 50 mins
Aaron Altaras, Ruby O. Fee, Victoria Schulz, Max Mauff, Alice Dwyer
Claus Räfle

TICKETS / Boston / Kendall Square Cinema

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Berlin, February 1943: the Nazi regime declares the Reich's capital "free of Jews." But some 1700 Jews managed to survive the war living in Berlin, hiding in plain sight: “invisible.” Claus Räfle’s gripping docudrama traces the desperate and ingenious adventures of four real-life survivors, Hanni, Cioama, Eugen and Ruth. From different social classes and different neighborhoods, they seemed to be ordinary German youths trying to navigate the scarcities and prohibitions of Berlin at the height of World War II, but they shared a single common secret: they were Jews. While moving between cinemas, cafés and safe houses they dodged Gestapo and a dense network of spies and informants, knowing that certain death was just one mistake away. Yet their prudence was at odds with their youthful inclination towards recklessness, sometimes prompting them to join the resistance, forge passports, or pose as Aryan war widows. Masterfully weaving the different story threads together, The Invisibles is a moving testament to the resourcefulness, willpower, and sheer chance that permit us to survive against incredible odds.

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