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1 hrs, 52 mins
Alfredo Turitto, Ar Tem, Francesco Di Napoli, Luca Nacarlo, Pasquale Marotta, Viviana Aprea, Valentina Vannino
Claudio Giovannesi

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Based on the novel by Roberto Saviano (Gomorrah), Piranhas tells the story of a group of teenage boys discovering guns and girls and the heady excitement of power, with no sense of consequences. Fifteen-year-old Nicola (a charismatic performance from newcomer Francesco Di Napoli), lives with his mother and younger brother in the Sanità neighborhood of Naples, a place that has been controlled by the Camorra mafia for centuries. Ambitious to get ahead, Nicola becomes a debt-collector for the local mafia gang. Dreaming of a life lush with designer clothing and elite nightclubs, Nicola and his naïve group of friends begin selling drugs—an entryway into the violent, power-hungry world of crime that becomes all-consuming, threatening their innocence, their relationships and the safety of their families. When a major police bust leaves a power vacuum in the local criminal scene, Nicola and his gang seize the opportunity to take charge. Winner, Best Screenplay, 2019 Berlin Film Festival. (Fully subtitled)

Landmark Presents an Exclusive Filmmaker Letter from Director/Co-Writer Claudio Giovannesi.

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