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1 hrs, 34 mins
John Hurt, Timothy Spall, Toby Stephens, Colm Meaney, Freddie Highmore
Nick Hamm

TICKETS / Atlanta / Midtown Art Cinema

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The Journey is a riveting dual acting tour-de-force by Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner) and Colm Meaney (The Damned United), who play mortal enemies faced with the nearly impossible challenge of finding a way to make peace for Northern Ireland. In 2006 the Democratic Union Party and Sinn Féin (the political wing of the IRA) met for the first time in peace talks to discuss a ceasefire after 40 years of bloodshed. In one corner is Ian Paisley (Spall), the deeply conservative British loyalist; in the other is Martin McGuinness (Meaney), a former Irish Republican Army leader who has devoted his life to the cause of Irish reunification. Opposites in every way, the two men at first seem to have little chance of ever finding common ground. But over the course of an impromptu, detour-filled car ride through the Scottish countryside, each begins to see the other less as an enemy, and more as an individual—a breakthrough that promises the possibility that simple humanity can overcome political division. John Hurt, Freddie Highmore and Toby Stephens co-star.

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