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Instead of hanging around their gang infested, racially tense neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles, a group of Latino skater boys who prefer punk rock to hip-hop take a bus to Beverly Hills to skate the famous "Nine Stairs" at Beverly Hills High. When the teens attract the attention of some rich white girls who invite them home, their afternoon odyssey begins. Targeted by residents and chased by police who bust them simply because they're in Beverly Hills, the boys must find a way to escape and return home. A lighter and more humorous change of pace from controversial writer/director Larry Clark
(Ken Park, Bully, Kids)

 Wassup Rockers

I think this is my best film and was certainly the most difficult to make. These Latino ghetto kids from South Central Los Angeles that I met on the street and made into movie stars almost killed me.

After Hector Babenco finished his great film Pixote (using street kids from Sao Paulo, Brazil), he was asked if he would do it again. He replied “no.”

Would I do it again? Let me think...