Thanks for Sharing   

by director/co-writer Stuart Blumberg

Thanks for Sharing is my first film as a director. Previously, I’ve spent a career writing scripts and having other people carry out “my vision.” In most cases, I was fully satisfied with the result. But on the rare occasion something turned out less-than-perfect, I always had someone to blame. But now it was my turn. I was both writer and director. This time, there would be no place to hide. No buck I could pass. No goat I could escape.

So, what I did was go out and hire the best people I could find to save my ass. That started with the cast. The old adage goes, "Directing is 90% casting." I think that’s an understatement. In a character-driven movie, a great actor is worth his weight in gold. A lot of directors bitch about their actors and their Geiger counter over-sensitivity, their fickleness, and the litany of unreasonable emotional, physical and material demands they throw at you.

Me? Yes, sure, I bitch about actors sometimes. But mostly I just stand in awe at the fearlessness with which these people hurl themselves at the dark places we civilians inhabit only in our most private moments.

I asked my actors to go to some very tough places in this film. I asked Tim Robbins to explore a character whose inability to see his own imperfections leads to a violent episode with his own son that almost destroys his family. I asked Mark Ruffalo to go deep and find his inner sexual wolf, to channel that dark energy in a scene with a young woman that still gives me chills even after having watched it a hundred times in the editing room. I asked Josh Gad to do a scene that will most likely ruin porn and donuts for him for the rest of his life.

I asked and they answered. They gifted me with performances so true and nuanced and raw and fine all I could do was say thank you. I hope you enjoy these phenomenal actors as much as I did. And I hope you enjoy the film.

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