The Square

by filmmakers Nash and Joel Edgerton

We can’t say how excited we are to have The Square released here in North America…the very place, you could say, that produced the diet of movies and television we grew up with…the reason we have the careers we have.

It’s been a labour of love ever since the days of fooling around with an old Betamax video camera in the small town of Dural, northwest of Sydney, Australia, where we grew up. There, on a modest property, we re-enacted scenes from movies we had rented from the local video store. Little did we know that a hobby, constructed to pass the time and feel connected to a bigger world we knew was out there, would turn into a shared passion that now consumes most of our time and has since delivered us into that bigger world.
The Square is our first feature film together after a string of very diverse shorts under the banner of Blue-Tongue Films. It is a thriller that centers around Ray, a hapless and unhappily married man in a small town, a man who lives within the rules of society. However, having met and fallen for a younger married woman, determined to save her, he begins to break some rules.

Anyone familiar with the noir genre will possibly know what follows. You might say it’s a story of a guy who finds himself in a hole of his own making and succeeds in digging himself deeper and deeper.  One that leads to murder.

We wanted to strive for that great tension that film noirs can have. That tension that exists when an audience is willing the characters to stop what they are doing while, at the same time, happily watching on to see just how far they are going to go; just how bad it’s going to get.

The film boasts an incredibly strong and well-respected cast of Australian actors, perhaps unknown to an American audience. They play the various morally shady characters that populate the small town... The town in which Ray and his mistress Carla are not the only ones bending the rules...

While initially The Square was written to be set among the man-made canal communities in Queensland, we wanted to make our first film in Sydney, our home town. After many years of making short films, we have met and become familiar with a lot of great key crew personnel and department heads, and, in a first feature film outing for us, it seemed appropriate to not only surround ourselves with the best crew members we knew, but to continue the family tradition and bring in as many of our friends on board as we could. Even a lot of the smaller and walk-on parts in the film are played by old school friends, members of the crew and family.

To continue on a personal level, as brothers, we couldn't be more excited to share The Square with you, because it is the culmination of a shared dream we have held for many years to make a feature film together. We are very proud of the achievement and can't wait to share it with American audiences.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the ride.

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