The Messenger

by director Oren Moverman

It sounds like a downer. I concur. It could have been a downer. An unfamiliar, nasty voice in my head whispers it should have been a downer, man. But it isn't. We couldn't go there. The Messenger is about casualty notification, death announcements; it's about the people here at home who have to live with the consequences of the decision to go to war over there. Families. Wives. Parents. Returning soldiers. It's dark at its core. So we needed to look for the light. Just like in life, in my life, in your life, we needed to make the movie about human connections. About love, and friendship, and humor. We needed to find optimism, reject cynicism, we needed to make a film with the premise that choosing to live is possible, and necessary.

But I haven't told you anything yet about the story. I haven't even mentioned the actors. I can't recall if I even introduced myself and the tracking ball on this blackberry I write on is funky, I can't scroll up. Oh, well. What I wanted to say is that The Messenger is opening nationwide. But you already know that. It's a film we made for many reasons, but one stands out as I write these words: it's a film about getting back to feeling, it's about gratitude. It's not a downer, it's a feel good movie that respects the fact that life isn't always about feeling good. Please go see it. Then call someone and tell them you love them. You'll see what I mean.

If you're reading these words you must be alive. It's a good thing, you know. Keep doing it. And thank you for the time you've given me here. I'll see you at The Messenger.

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