Jeff, Who Lives at Home   

by filmmakers Jay and Mark Duplass

Over five years ago, we came up with an idea for a very unlikely hero—someone living in their mother's basement, watching the film Signs way too often, and yes, smoking pot more than occasionally. Society has a lot of judgments about such a person and we get that, but we wanted to explore another side of that character—someone who is hopeful, philosophical, maverick (and yes, wearing basketball shorts and eating breakfast at 7pm). "Jeff," of Jeff, Who Lives at Home, has grand hopes and dreams and is willing to sacrifice the typical comforts of life (a job, a wife, money), and we find that oddly heroic. Jeff is always on a grand adventure, even if it's inside of his own head, because he believes that the universe has something great in store for him. And he will not rest until he uncovers the mystery of his own destiny.

Our film takes place in a single day, which begins when Jeff's mother (her patience worn thin) forces him from the nest on a seemingly banal errand to purchase wood glue. Jeff is at first pee-o'd, but his search for glue through the suburbs and strip malls of Baton Rouge, Louisiana soon dovetails with his greater quest for the purpose of his life. One clue leads to another, connecting Jeff with his estranged brother, Pat (who's wife may or may not be having an affair). It also leads the boys to reconnect with their mother who has lost all hope for love since her husband died many years ago. The film is ultimately about very different members of the same broken family taking leaps of faith and finding their way back to each other.

It was our good friend Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air) who first read our script and offered to guide and protect this little film of ours through the gauntlet of studio filmmaking. And with the collaboration of great artists like Jason Segel, Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon, and Judy Greer, Jeff, Who Lives at Home became something so much greater than we ever could have dreamed. Our simple desire to just get this movie made somehow dovetailed with greater forces (sound familiar?). Now you're reading this letter, urging you to come see a movie about hopes and dreams and the nature of the universe—and you thought it was just another stoner comedy. Please come see our little movie that could, because as Jeff would say, "your destiny awaits."

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