In a World...  

by writer/director/star Lake Bell

Sex. There’s not a lot of it in this film but at least I have your attention. That being said, In A World… is teeming with intimacy. Since I wrote this story in moderate support of my therapeutic analysis, I hope mostly that you, and my shrink, appreciate its candor.

The good news is, it's a comedy. However, the main characters would beg to differ and would balk at our relishing in their misery and battered hubris. While the story sets its scene in the cutthroat male dominated voice-over industry, it centers around Carol Solomon. Carol is a vocal coach living in a dreamland of arrested development under her father Sam Sotto’s roof. Sam, the reigning patriarch of the movie trailer voice-over heavyweights, vainly suffers from the goliath chip on his shoulder as his relevance was only made possible by the passing of the real legend of the industry: Don LaFontaine.

When the news erupts that the dated, albeit sacred, movie trailer phrase “In a world…” will be resurrected for an epic quadrilogy, the voice over community is clamoring for the honored opportunity. A web of events lead Carol and Sam in a heated father-daughter competition that not only reveals the sexist nature of the industry, but ultimately leads Carol to find her truth by using her vocal super powers for the greater good.

Other fun facts: I shot this film as a drama. So visually, you can expect staid, deliberately composed tableaux to playfully juxtapose the comedic stakes. And despite my cast being the finest group of alternative comedians in America, they all deliver supremely specified and honest performances for which I am most proud. This collective cacophony of rich characters supports Carol in her journey to find her voice, both emotionally and quite literally.

So look, this film does lack full frontal on-screen penetration but on the bright side, most of the characters utter some classic expletives. Plus, In A World… offers a surprising message of hope at the end, which in this day and age is more provocative than boobs. I truly hope you enjoy it, as I made it exclusively for that purpose.

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