B R I E F   S Y N O P S I S
Something sinister lurks beneath the surface of ten-year-old Michele's (Giuseppe Cristiano) idyllic summer in 1978. While the days in his remote southern Italian village are filled with the familiar routines and joys of childhood, a chance discovery leads to a shocking revelation: a boy imprisoned in a mysterious hole. Desperately intrigued, Michele digs further to discover that his own parents may be implicated in what's quickly becoming the country's most nefarious kidnapping. Directed by Gabriele Salvatores (Mediterraneo).
  A Familiar Tail

Fred and Annie are invited by a couple of dear friends to spend the week-end at their country retreat.

The hosts give Fred keys to the house and invite him to go there in the early afternoon, allowing them time to enjoy one of the many acclaimed local sunsets. The hosts would join them later, in time for dinner.

Fred and Annie set off in their car, and decide to take along Hannibal, their three-year-old dog, as they would be travelling to the country.

The place is truly magnificent, the house welcoming, and having turned the dog out into the garden, the couple decide to have a shower, uncork a bottle of wine and settle down to enjoy the sunset from the veranda.

Relaxed, Fred and Annie are marvelling at the sky as it goes through a myriad of color changes when their attention is diverted by the sound of Hannibal trying to attract their attention.

The young dog is watching them, proudly holding the lifeless body of a dirty white rabbit in his mouth. The rabbit isn't just any white rabbit, but , the pride, joy and object of almost parental obsession of the owners of the house…

The lady of the house, incidentally afflicted with heart problems, seems to live almost exclusively for the animal, for which she reserves an almost morbid affection.

The situation is clearly highly embarrassing. At stake is not only the success of the week-end, but potentially the couple's friendship.

Annie has an idea; wash the dirt off Hugo under the shower, dry him and put him back in his cage, hoping to make it look like a natural death.
The rabbit is positioned to look like a soft and light white cotton wad,
apparently asleep.


Having sorted out Hugo in the cage, Fred and Annie await their hosts by the fireplace. Shortly afterwards, the crunch of gravel under tires signals their arrival.

A door slams, then another…footsteps on the gravel and then a terrible inhuman scream…

Fred and Annie jump up. The door flies open and in storms the lady of the house, her face streaked with tears.

She doesn't even stop to say hello to her friends, but instead, still screaming madly, goes directly towards her bedroom. Fred and Annie are mortified. They expected a reaction but not this level of desperation.

"What's up?" asks Fred. The lady's husband, still on the doorstep, looks at them wild-eyed, takes a few steps towards them and says "It's unbelievable; terrible…"

"But what's happened?" ask the couple in unison.

"Hugo, our beloved baby rabbit died three days ago so we buried him in the garden…and now he's there again…in his cage, white and soft…
looking asleep…Hugo is back…"

Another even louder wail emanates from the bedroom.

The owner of the house dashes towards the bathroom yelling "quick…your heart-pills…."


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