Genius on Hold   

by writer/director Gregory Marquette

I had heard there was a “mob” story floating around in the ether and because I have something of a reputation for ‘historical’ scripts it finally came my way. So much has been done about the Mafia and there were other things to write. That suited me.

I had written about the KGB, FBI, CIA, DEA and many other three-lettered agencies in my writing journey. There had to be other letters in the alphabet of interest for a screenwriter. I was incorrect.

While the story of Genius on Hold has a component of “mob” within, it certainly is not the whole story. In fact, the real story is about government, backroom deals, corporations, greed, frauds, government-sanctioned power pedaling, monopolies, corporatism, bankers, Wall Street and personal freedom.

I was introduced to the son of an inventor who had worked for the largest company in America. AT&T was a Federally-supported company which had partnered with the U.S. government for nearly eighty years. How did this happen?

And in a country where freedom is protected and the individual’s rights are cherished? So much for “the mob”….

As a filmmaker and storyteller, I wanted to know about the family man who was caught in the center of this personal conflagration.

While the Mafia is a criminal organization which has lived from ill-gotten gains for many decades, it can also be said that Wall Street has done the same—but on a much grander scale. And then there are the American banks….

The irony here is that Justice Roberts in 2012 agreed with Walter Shaw. The inventor is the creator and need not sign his life away. I am proud to tell the story of a Genius on Hold.

—February 25, 2013

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