Another Earth  

by director/co-writer Mike Cahill

I directed what I like to call "an epic minimalist sci-fi complex romantic drama" of sorts, entitled Another Earth.

I've had some of the most emotional and profound film-going experiences at Landmark’s E Street Cinema in Washington, D.C. while I was a student at Georgetown.  The thoughtfulness and taste with which Landmark programs its films is to be commended and keeps my faith in the public's desire for challenging, thought-provoking, cinematic storytelling.

My fictional directorial debut, Another Earth, is a bridge between many of my major influences.  After witnessing the depth and brilliance of such great films by Krzysztof Kieslowski, Julian Schnabel, Fernando Meirelles and countless others, as well as being seduced into theaters by the one sheets and trailers of many a Hollywood blockbuster, I felt that I needed to make a contribution to film (if it were at all possible).  I found that the high concepts, fueled by the long standing cinematic tradition of the spectacle, have always enticed my imagination, yet it was the more subtle, intimate, indie or foreign dramas that delivered to me the unforgettable understanding and emotion of what it means to be human. 

Could a film exist that touches both?  (On a modest budget no less!)

Another Earth is my attempt at this kind of film.  Set against the backdrop of the discovery of a duplicate earth, a world where all 6.3 billion of us also exist, the film zooms in on an unlikely relationship between a young woman and the man whose family she destroyed.  The looming dramatic question that literally hangs above us in the sky is:  What would it be like to meet yourself?  And how would you feel about that person?  This spectacle informs the inner universe of the formidable character of Rhoda Williams, exquisitely realized by the unparalleled talent, Brit Marling.

I want to sit in a theatre and let my imagination soar, and yet feel grounded in meaning, questions resolved or unresolved, nuance, complication, choice, fate, love, second chances…it goes on.

I hope you enjoy the film.

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